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An out of this world
product launch

My Role

Lead designer through the end-to-end process: discovery, user research, UI/UX, Wireframing, design, testing, and support through launch.


Joe Kelly, Client Partnerships Director
Jeff Earley, Project Manager
Adam Healy, ACD
Alex Chambers, Developer


Build a digital brand to compete with global aero defense and exploration companies, with a goal of acquiring talent and receiving funding  for the launch of a new type of communications satellite.

A race to space- The catch is that SpaceLink has a limited time to launch their Constellation of Communications satellites before the rights to the spectrum would be forfeited.


After interviewing key stakeholders, we proposed a simple yet powerful design system built on the back of WordPress to allow for internal flexibility and rapid growth.

We worked hand-in-hand with the SpaceLink team in conducting interviews and developing an in-depth creative competitive analysis.


SpaceLink has accomplished its growth and funding goals to launch it’s first mid-earth satellite in support of the International Space Station.

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