Case Study

Data Dragon

See the dev environment

Atomic design system in the new Data Dragon App for Isotropic Network

My Role

Led a full creative audit, competitor analysis, and creative concept phase. Built the UI and design system based on the Atomic Design theory.


Sierra Neuwirth, ACD
Adam Healy, ACD
Avery Hennings, UX
Jessie Eastman, Project Manager


Yacht captains and engineers need to be able to manage their broadband services in a more accessible way, so that they can ensure faster and more reliable internet access for owners and guests.



Create a mobile application for the captain and crew to easily manage their global connectivity.

Snippets from the atomic process


Isotropic’s beautiful new app allows users to fully customize their service in an incredibly easy way.

Check it out for yourself

Watch it in action with the Invision link below

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